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About Productivity Wins and Doc Kane

Writer. Researcher. Teacher. And, I love logistics and operations.

There is no such thing as a direct route from New Jersey to Japan.

Howdy. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Doc. I’m a writer by trade, a learner by habit. And, that means my brain is staring to get full. So, at the outset of 2020, I decided I was going to start sharing some the knowledge I’d acquired in my nearly thirty years of marketing and sales with a wider audience. Why? Because in that span of time that took me from Phillipsburg, New Jersey to Chicago, Minneapolis, and finally to Kobe, Japan, I’ve worked with a host of companies both big and small, and come to realize that no matter the size, their is shared difficulty in running a business. Every mom and pop, every behemoth has the same basic challenges—they just operate at a different scale.

I’ve worked in shops with only three people, and I’ve managed hundreds at Amazon’s largest warehouse in North America. I’ve worked almost exclusively remote in the music industry, and I’ve knocked on warehouse doors in Chicago selling forklifts for Yale in a market saturated for decades with Toyota. Not easy. But, one helluva’ a learning experience. I’ve spun out chocoate at M&M Mars, run packages for UPS, done network support for U.S. Bank, worked for a Big Ten University, and run the marketing communications division for a medical SaaS company that went from less than ten people to over 100 in the span of only four years.

What are the top five problems all businesses have today?

  1. How to find and motivate good people
  2. How to accumulate and share knowledge
  3. How to discover and work with the best systems
  4. How to design and implement operations that get things done
  5. And, how to make more money by spending less of what is already in the bank to do so.

That’s pretty much it. One difference I discovered along the way, though, is that family businesses and solopreneurs have one hell of a time managing these concerns. The bandwith just often isn’t there to allow SMEs to scale at a speed that helps them move with the agility they actually possess. It isn’t often about money, but rather, decision-making. And, since the vast majority of my working life has been spent in the trenches with family businesses of all sizes I want to focus on helping family businesses and solopreneurs get stuff done. And, that’s what I imagine you’re doing here as well.

So, pull up a chair, put on your reading hat, and let’s get some stuff done why don’t we?

Doc Kane
January 23, 2021

Productivity Wins, Doc Kane Headshot

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